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29 November 2021 - 3 December 2021
Sino-European Health Collaboration Week

Organisation committee contacts

For technical questions, please contact:


Contact SENET:

Find more information on the project here.

Dr. Timo Strohäker, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum (Coordination): timo.strohaeker@steinbeis-europa.de
Julie Saccomano, G.A.C. Group (Communication): jsaccomano@group-gac.com

Contact SENET (China):

China National Health Development Research Center
Annie Dai, S&T Linkedin (Secretariat of Beijing Health Expert Committee): anniedai@stlinkedin.com  

Contact IC2PerMed:

Find more information here.

Dr. Chiara Caddedu, UCSC: chiara.cadeddu@unicatt.it
Ulrike Rohrer, BBMRI-ERIC: ulrike.rohrer@bbmri-eric.eu

Contact EURAXESS China:

Find more information here.

Anna Facchinetti, EURAXESS: anna.facchinetti@euraxess.net

Contact ENRICH in China:

Find more information here.

Sara Medina, SPI: saramedina@spi.pt

Contact IDIH:

Find more information here.

Dr. Kristin Dallinger, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum: kristin.dallinger@steinbeis-europa.de

Contact Sino-EU PerMed:

Find more information here.

Dr. Carolin Lange, DLR Projektträger: c.lange@dlr.de

Contact Chinese stakeholders:

Beijing Association for Science and Technology
Zhongguancun Science City

About the projects

Joint organisation between IC2PerMed & SENET projects of a week of webinars aiming at:

  • Raising awareness about the opportunities of Sino-European health collaboration,
  • Supporting the “matching” and direct collaboration of R&D&I experts,
  • Enhancing collaborations and finding synergies with other projects, initiatives and organisations dedicated to the collaboration with China in the area of Health and/or Personalised Medicine.


SENET (The EU-Chinese Networking Hub) intends to facilitate dialogue between Chinese and European research and innovation entities to increase participation in collaborative projects. SENET is co-funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N°825904. For more information see here.


The IC2PerMed project has been funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 874694. The project aims to provide key solutions for enabling the convergence under ICPerMed consortium of European and Chinese stakeholders towards a common approach of Personalized Medicine (PM) research, innovation, development and implementation. For more information see here

ENRICH in China

ENRICH is a global network of centres and hubs that promotes the internationalisation of European science, technology and innovation (STI). Initially promoted by the European Commission through Horizon 2020, the ENRICH in China initiative is now coordinated by the Portuguese consulting firm SPI and offers services to connect European research, technology and business organisations with the Chinese frontrunner innovation market. With various Sino-European events (roundtables, webinars, workshops, etc.), ENRICH in China aims to create, foster and enhance synergies with EU initiatives and STI infrastructures, particularly those with a physical presence in China, acting as an interface that links EU organisation in China with their customers and partners throughout any phase of the business – be it a start-up in the scale-up phase or a mature technology company working on an internationalization process. For more information see here.


EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion is a unique pan-European initiative delivering information and support services to professional researchers. Backed by the European Union and its Member States, it supports researcher mobility and career development, while enhancing scientific collaboration between Europe and the world. Find more information here.


IDIH – International Digital Health Cooperation for Preventive, Integrated, Independent and Inclusive Living - is a project funded under the European Union Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, bringing together prominent organisations from EU and five Strategic Partner Countries, i.e. Canada, China, Japan, South Korea and the USA with the aim to promote and increase international collaboration to advance digital health to support active and healthy ageing through innovation. Find more information here.

Sino-EU PerMed

The aim of Sino-EU PerMed is to strengthen the science and technology cooperation between China and EU in Personalised Medicine by identifying PM-related research and healthcare system stakeholders in Europe and China and building links between relevant organisations and research centres. Moreover the project supports Chinas participation in the International Consortium on Personalised Medicine (ICPerMed). Sino-Eu PerMed is funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 874556. Find more information here.

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